Cybersecurity Special Interest Group

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Providing actionable cyber security and risk management solutions to SIM member organizations to both reduce security & risk losses (damages, fines, etc) as well as enhance competitive advantage (improve brand/trust, privacy protections (re: GDPR, etc))


With all the other security groups in town, what is the SIM's differentiation aspect, and value added aspects we'd provide? Propose we provide:

  • Risk based 'solutions' versus continuing to admiring the problem / threat ("FUD").
  • Improved linkage/integration with other major groups: infragard, ISSA, ISACA, etc.
  • Network members using common risk problems = partners, mutual opportunities.


Just in time cyber and risk based solutions - best practices to reach 95% of the specific risk reduction goals. provided by members for members. community outreach using briefs, papers, etc, throughout SIM and partner organizations - extensions to other groups and efforts as desired and applicable (e.g., cyber sharing in action)


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