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SIM Houston Outreach: Making a difference in our community

Lone Star College is one of the primary award recipients from SIM Chapter Houston. Our support has gone to directly support the new Innovation Lab at the LSC-University Park Campus. Learn More 

 SIM cares about STEM

SIM Houston is very interested in helping our young people enter S.T.E.M. related careers.  S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs are offered in public schools to help meet the demands of business.  And the schools need our help in inspiring young talent into technology related fields. Think back when you were in school.  Was it enough to just listen to the teacher lecture on a subject? If you have ever heard a guest speaker talk about his profession you heard passion, interest, and you might have even been inspired to take action.  That is what the leadership at SIM Houston wants – to support the city’s efforts in developing the future technology workforce.

We are looking to our membership network and asking if you know of STEM program opportunities you would recommend for funding. You can find the details of the STEM grant program and applicable forms on this page. As you search your network keep in mind the following 'scorecard' to help determine if the opportunity you wish to recommend is a fit for our STEM funding program.

  • Relation to IT: How related to the profession of IT (or the Technology of STEM) is the purpose of the charitable endeavors of the organization or specific program?

  • Reach:  Does the work, program, or charitable endeavors of the organization have potential to reach/effect a large constituency base?

  • Need:  Does the program or charitable endeavors of the organization have severe need due to limited resource?

  • Strategic: The degree an alliance with this organization raises the brand profile, visibility and member benefits of the Houston SIM chapter?

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