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October 2018 SIM Member Monthly Meeting

"Digital & IT Transformation: Tackling Current IT Challenges"

This presentation is not for the faint of heart: the IT struggle is real. How do you determine which technologies to adopt? Are you leveraging the cloud and should you? How can you protect everything?  IT changes are frenetically happening across every industry; how will you keep up?  Your technology decisions today dictate your company’s agility and future competitiveness. Come hear a few stories and learn what you should and shouldn’t be doing to ensure success.

Scott DesBles

Global Architect
Dell Boomi – part of Dell Technologies


Scott DesBles is a storied veteran of the IT industry. For 25 years, Scott has worked in a variety of IT areas, with most of his career spent in data storage as a principal storage architect and product manager.


Scott started as a consultant performing large OS upgrades (remember NetWare?) and architecting large IP networks.  Scott was in the lab one day working on a network design when a new product showed up to test.  It was a Brocade Fibre Channel switch.  From that day forward, Scott held many positions focusing on data storage, including fortifying several technical teams for a startup that was eventually acquired by Dell in 2011.  Scott now focuses on helping customers integrate applications and data to unlock potential and accelerate their digital transformations.  


With a passion for technology, when Scott is not at work he is tweaking his smart home system, upgrading his holiday light show, or adding new trinkets to his RV.

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