January 2019 SIM Member Monthly Meeting

"Watson vs. DOD: The future of AI - Helping CIO’s overcome barriers and create business value from data"

Lucd presenters will provide an overview of AI’s, Past, Present and... the rest of the story.  Based on 100’s of customer real interactions, they will share the barriers, blockers and budgets that prohibit organizations from getting started with AI.  It's well known that organizations have more data than ever before at their disposal. Companies have invested in their data warehouse for decades. Getting to the value of data that you’ve invested in for so long should not be difficult. Now, to derive meaningful insights from that data you need to convert it to action and create value. The apex of the presentation is sure to be the open discussion around real barriers and pivotal solutions in AI production that create the outcomes and values organizations are seeking.   

Dr. David Bauer

LUCD, Chief Technology Officer

Dr. David Bauer has been foremost leader in Big Data and Distributed Computing in the U.S. intelligence community since 2005.

He has dedicated his efforts to solving hard problems using Distributed Computing. He has pioneered code that has executed across 2 million CPUs and developed the first Cloud and Big Data Platform Certified & Accredited for use in the Federal Government for highly sensitive and classified data. Among some of the major challenges he has tackled include applying machine learning to Synthetic Biology to create Chemical Warfare sensors; developing the first MULTIINT data fusion platform using Big Data and AI for the U.S. Intelligence Community; developing the first distributed computing platform to demonstrate super-linear scalability up to 2 million CPUs at Lawrence Livermore; and developing a major report for the GAO and DHS National Communications System that combined analysis of the effects of pandemic influenza on Internet communications, the US Economy and Banking System, and Financial Markets. Dr. Bauer has led the development in key areas for study in Exa-scale computing at DARPA and has worked on many unique problems at the DNI, CIA, NSA, NRO, US SOCOM, DARPA, FBI, DOJ, NGA and DIA, as well as the U.S. Army, Air Force and Marines.

Dr. Joel Branch

LUCD, Director, Platform Development

Dr. Joel Branch is Director of Product Development and AI Architect at Lucd, ensure that Lucd’s flagship product has easily consumable innovations to empower novice to expert AI and big data practitioners and researchers. Joel has extensive expertise and impact in conducting cutting-edge research and applying it to relevant problems for business partners in multiple domains such as defense, finance, and sports analytics. Joel’s research background is rooted in wireless multi-hop networking, resource management, application development, and various distributed protocols for large-scale IoT and sensor-enabled systems. In addition to this work, Joel has lead efforts resulting in innovations in log analysis for transaction discovery and performance analysis, visual analytics for enterprise application dependency discovery, and multi-modal techniques for automated video analytics. These have resulted in over 20 academic publications and over 25 patents. Joel’s current interests have grown to include techniques for simplifying AI development and monitoring, various techniques for making AI operations and decisions more explainable and auditable, and using AI for improving transportation safety and efficiency.

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