7th Annual SIM Houston CIO Charity Golf Tournament

Enhanced SAFETY Measures


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Facemasks Will

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Health and Safety Focus


The health and safety of our SIM members, our corporate sponsors and all other participants in the 2020 SIM Houston CIO Charity Golf Tournament is our top priority.

Before proceeding, the SIM Houston board and event planning committee needed to be convinced we could put on a safe event during a pandemic. We have done this. We are confident we can host a safe and high quality event.

We understand and respect that everyone must make their own decision to attend based on their circumstances and assessment. Below is a brief overview of some of the key health and safety elements we believe will protect all participants.

First, we will operate the event within all Harris County COVID-19 guidelines and the detailed safety protocols the Golf Club of Houston has developed to provide a safe experience throughout the event. The Golf Club of Houston remained open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic continually demonstrating their ability to provide a safe environment for golfers and visitors to their club. In fact, the Golf Club of Houston has consistently set record levels of golfers on their two courses during the pandemic.

Second, the SIM golf planning committee has modified elements of the event focused on health and safety. One example is adding a screening desk outside the front entrance where temperatures will be checked and screening questions will be asked of all participants as they arrive. Another example is minimizing extraneous resources including student volunteers and caddies to reduce exposures for these people and all the other participants. Also, although not required by the County or the Golf Club of Houston, we are recommending golfers wear a mask while riding in their carts and then removing the masks while golfing where it is relatively easy to social distance on the course. Finally, we are streamlining all the internal gathering processes to reduce our time together as a group and utilizing the large outdoor covered patio.

Finally, we are confident that our golfers, sponsors and others coming together for this event will demonstrate mutual care and respect for each other. This will include a participant choosing to not attend if they have potentially been exposed to or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Once on-site, we need to count on each other to follow protocols and watch out for each other.

With all of the County, Golf Club of Houston and extra protocols being put in place, and our confidence in the care that will be demonstrated by all participants, we believe we will have a safe and perhaps our most successful tournament to-date.

The SIM Houston Golf Committee