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SIM Houston 2021 Giveback Day

November 5, 2021

As technology leaders, we are fortunate to have a lot of advantages in life:  business acumen, technological skills, and experience that enables us to support ourselves and our families. As SIM members, we are expected to give back to those who may one day follow us in our chosen careers.


SIM National Giveback Week is the first week of November, and each chapter has been asked to conduct an event in which we can give back to our local communities. Houston is a large city and we are a large chapter, so naturally, we are planning three! We invite you to participate in any or all of the following opportunities. We deliberately planned two of the events for Friday, November 5 for those who truly want to make a day of it.



Comp-u-Dopt is a long time beneficiary of SIM Houston. This organization takes used computers, helps students refurbish them, and then adopts them out to those students. Donors get rid of equipment they no longer need, students learn about hardware and electronic repair, and then they have a working computer. In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, our local Houston Comp-u-Dopt is shipping computers to hard-hit areas of Louisiana to help people there begin to rebuild.

Houston Food Bank

535 Portwall St, Houston, TX 77029

The Houston Food Bank is a central clearinghouse for food pantries all across our region. For many in our area, the service they provide is literally a lifeline.



University Outreach

Details Coming Soon!

SIM has long sponsored STEM-oriented programs at local colleges and universities, including Lone Star, Houston Baptist University, the University of Houston, and various high schools. We are partnering with these schools to identify opportunities to mentor students and to find ways to leverage our talents for their benefit. Please stay tuned for details.

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