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SIM Cyber-Security SIG Special Event - Two Topics and a Tour

  • "Learning from Failure: REAL Threats We Can Take More Seriously"

  • "Alert Logic’s Journey to the Cloud"

  • "Alert Logic:  Touring a Cutting Edge SOC"

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Learning from Failure: REAL Threats We Can Take More Seriously

by Paul Williams

Speaker 1 - Paul Williams.jpg

This presentation features a review of a major foreign economic espionage case history takeover of a U.S. Fortune 40 corporation using a sophisticated Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) malware attack. Learn how a series of small failures of technology, policies, enforcement, access controls, enterprise visibility and reporting, poor training and poor investigation techniques all contributed to prolonging the severity and longevity of the incident, causing aggravated financial losses to this organization. Learn improved cyber defense techniques which significantly reduce the difficulty of detecting and preventing targeted APT malware attacks and other hacker attacks including employee insider threats in large scale enterprise network environments.

Paul Williams is the Chief Executive Officer of Houston-based Clarity Consulting Corporation.  Paul has 41 years of breakthrough innovation in cyber security, cryptography, artificial intelligence, high speed databases, software quality test engineering, software quality test engineering, electronics, communications, mechanical engineering, weapons development and defense related technologies. 

Paul has extensive experience in conducting enterprise insider threat and economic espionage investigations, risk assessments, and remediation consulting services for large commercial and government organizations. Paul is also an expert in rapidly solving complex network cyber intrusions through innovative techniques.

Paul is a national and international public speaker with over 265 speaking engagements over the past 17 years for prestigious organizations such as ACP, ASIS, IIA, ISACA, ISSA, the United States Secret Service, U.S. Department of Justice, and FBI InfraGard.

As a result of Paul’s career-long efforts against computer malware, he has collected a wide assortment of hacking tools, viruses, worms, and Trojan Horses. He maintains a collection of 25,000 major computer viruses and 2,000 Trojan Horses for research purposes to this day.

Alert Logic’s Journey to the Cloud

by Jon Vaught


Alert Logic will explain the lessons learned through our shift from on-premises data center to AWS. We will cover balancing costs with security, leveraging Agile Development, containers and micro-services, and reveal our thought processes in speeding innovation while prudently protecting sensitive customer data and adhering to compliance regulations. 

Since 2009, Jon Vaught has been a Solutions Architect and cloud security subject matter expert for Alert Logic, a leader in cloud security.  His role is helping customers, partners and prospects understand modern cloud security threats and how Alert Logic protects against them.  Prior to that, Jon was a Sr. Solutions Consultant for BMC Software for 11 years in the Remedy ITSM and Enterprise Systems Monitoring practices, serving pre-sales and professional services roles for Fortune 1000 customers and leading systems integrators across the United States.
Jon Vaught


Career Highlights

  • Over 20 Years in Network Security & Compliance

  • 8 Years at Alert Logic 

  • 10 Years at BMC

  • Assisted dozens of Enterprises moving to AWS, Azure, and Google including Coke, Rent-A-Center, and 3M

Alert Logic:  Touring a Cutting Edge SOC  

by Michael Stoeger


Alert Logic will explain how its SOC is organized, why, how the analysts are recruited, trained, and their career development.  Alert Logic will discuss enablement tooling and SLA management to gain insight into the effort necessary to build a functional and effective Security Operations Center to address today’s emerging threat vectors.

Michael Stoeger is VP Sales, Alert Logic. 

Career Highlights

  • Over 20 Years in Network Security & Compliance

  • 13 Years at Alert Logic

  • 9 Years at BindView (now part of Symantec)

  • 3 Years at Software Spectrum (now part of Insight)

  • Built High-performance Channel, Enterprise, Inside Sales, and International teams

  • Assisted hundreds of customers with cyber problems

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