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February 2019 SIM Member Monthly Meeting


Bridging the Skills Gap:  

The Time to Build the 21st

Century Workforce is NOW

The workforce skills gap is widening.  Did you know that 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet?  There were more than 800,000 postings for core IT jobs in Q3 2018, a 38% jump over Q3 2017.  We lack diversity in our industry and we continue to grapple with Gen Y and Z expectations.  Nancy Hammervik, EVP of CompTIA Industry Relations, is a dynamic speaker who will share CompTIA's latest findings on challenges and opportunities in the workforce of the future.

Speaker Photo - Nancy Hammervik v3.jpg

As Executive Vice President, Industry Relations for CompTIA, Nancy Hammervik is responsible for elevating the association's profile among its membership and across the IT industry.  She is the principal liaison between members and the association; helps shape CompTIA educational programs, initiatives and standards for technology businesses and workforce professionals; and acts as an advocate on behalf of members and the industry.  

Nancy Hammervik

Executive Vice President, Industry Relations, CompTIA

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