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May 2019 SIM Member Monthly Meeting

Applying Blockchain in your innovation, transformation and optimization strategy 

Getting beyond the hype to understand real use cases and how companies are actively implementing blockchain based business solutions.

  • Market overview and fundamentals of Blockchain applications

  • Practical applications for blockchain as part of your digital transformation activities

  • Active applications and use cases in the market today

  • Steps to begin implementing blockchain transformation in your organization

Eugene Kessleman

Founder & CEO


Eugene Kesselman is Founder and CEO of TapJets, the on-demand private jet charter company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Since 2015, the company has been using blockchain ledger technology to conduct its business and since 2016 became the first private aviation company to instantly accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment for its services making the leadership of the company de facto experts in the management of STO offering within the regulatory framework.


As an early adopter of blockchain and cryptocurrency, Mr. Kesselman and his team enjoyed the first-hand experience, trials, and successes of this new and exciting technology segment. They are sharing this knowledge with others through education and outreach to other IT and Development professionals.


Before founding TapJets, Mr. Kesselman spent over 20 years in Information Technology as a CIO and various key IT executive roles. Mr. Kesselman received his CISM certification in 2014 and is a Commercial Pilot rated in several private jet types. 

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This SIM Event is Generously Sponsored by: Computex

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