April 2019 SIM Member Monthly Meeting

AWS and Dev Ops Transformation 

Many organizations treat DevOps and Cloud transformation as separate projects, when actually it makes more sense and saves money to treat them as one ongoing modernization journey.  In this session, Kelly Looney, a Dev Ops leader with AWS, will present lessons learned via real-life examples at Amazon, using the fascinating Amazon transformation story to detail both the advantages and the challenges of modern software processes and technology.  The goal of the presentation is to better prepare attendees for the challenges they will face with both types of transformation. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn why DevOps and Cloud are critical to almost every business

  • Understand the key challenges and common pitfalls in making the transformation work

  • Learn how to best use AWS and their partner ecosystem to make the transition

Kelly Looney

SI Practice Lead - DevOps

AWS Partner Network

Kelly is a 30+ year veteran in the software development arena. He has built software in everything from assembly language to Smalltalk, Unix/C, and to Kubernetes and Lambda. He has taken an abiding interest in improving organization’s software delivery from Agile, to DevOps, to Serverless and NextOps.
Kelly has been lucky enough to work directly with luminaries such as Kent Beck, Jez Humble, Damon Edwards, Craig Larman, Kenny Rubin, and Dick Gabriel.  He has worked in successful startups (ParcPlace, Activerse, Skytap) and consulted (Thoughtworks, CAP Gemini, BAH) with all types of organizations in a variety of industries. At AWS, Kelly works with partners in the DevOps space to help solve customer problems, setting the stage for modern high velocity, extra stable, and secure systems.

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